OEM vs Compatible Toner Cartridges

First of all, let’s define compatible cartridges. These cartridges are made by third party (not related to OEM) manufacturers and for all practical purposes, these work similar to OEM cartridges. Many companies are engaged in the manufacturing of compatible cartridges. It is important to note that these cartridges are originally manufactured cartridges and are not just refills or remanufactured products.

Compatible cartridges need to be different from the original cartridges due to legal issues. They need to make their cartridges different to avoid violation of any patents or copyrights by the OEM. Therefore, you will find various differences in different brands of compatible cartridges as different manufacturers have their own way of differentiating their product to avoid any patent and copyright challenges.

Is there a difference between generic cartridges and compatible cartridges?

The main difference between generic and compatible cartridges is that generics come in a plain box and do not have a brand name. However, absence of brand name does not mean that these are low quality products. The quality of these cartridges varies with the manufacturer. problems-with-ink

For all practical purposes, compatible and general cartridges can be treated as one as one cannot tell one from the other. In face, some generic cartridge manufactures give better guarantees than their brand name counterparts. On lasertonercartridgestore.com you can get brother toners with one year guantees, whereas the manufacturer usually gives only 60 days.

What is the quality of printouts printed with these cartridges?

As far as the quality of printouts is concerned, it is recommended to use a brand name compatible cartridge. A brand name compatible cartridge is nothing but a printer cartridge manufactured by a third party with its own brand name. These are more consistent in quality as the manufacturer wants to build and protect the brand image. Many of these products also specify various components and toner powder used for the ink in the cartridge.

There are quite a few generic cartridges manufacturers that offer a printout quality similar to the OEM cartridges. In such cases, retailers selling these cartridges know the difference and they often choose to sell the ones that offer high quality on a consistent basis.

If you are looking for consistent quality, it is recommended to stick with branded compatible is as their reputation will suffer if they are unable to deliver consistent quality. Repeat the most customers are very important for such a consumable business.

Majority of the compatible or generic cartridges produce similar quality printouts when compared to the OEM cartridges. It is true that sometimes, generic cartridges produce lower quality printouts but such cases are largely the result of:

A defective product and it happens to the biggest brands out there.
A cheap generic cartridge that was made by a low quality manufacturer.
Inconsistency in quality of manufactured products.

What happens to the printer’s warranty?

The U.S. Congress passed a law in 1975 that prevents manufacturers from having a stranglehold on essential supplies for the products. So, it is safe to say that these do not void the warranty.

Do these damage the printers?

As far as damage to printers from compatible cartridges is concerned, this concern is unfounded.HP_HP_Deskjet_2540_AllinOne_Printer_gallery_3
Most of the times, printers are damaged by the users themselves due to incorrect usage.

Are all the generic cartridges the same?

The quality of product varies a lot between manufacturers. As far as finding good brands in compatible cartridges space is concerned, it is best to look for reviews of various brands at different websites. A good quality brand will have consistent reviews across various websites.

It is also important to check the guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Many brand name compatible cartridge manufacturers offer long periods of quality and satisfaction guarantee. In fact, guarantee offered by these manufacturers is usually for a longer time period than the OEM.

High quality branded compatible cartridges are available for almost all the printer models. However, generic cartridges vary a lot in quality and therefore, buyers need to check out the reviews of the retailers selling these to find high-quality generic cartridges.

Overall, generic cartridges produce high quality printouts at a cheap price and consumers should definitely look into buying these for their printing needs.